FRESH: ‘Sad Bop’ – Sianon

Sianon releases a “Sad Bop”

Sianon (pronounced Shannon) only made her debut this year, but with her new single, “Sad Bop”, she’s now scored a hattrick of releases since she broke cover with “Overthinking”. “Sad Bop” is written by Sianon herself with Jim Irvin and Julien Forysthe-Lewis, who also produced the track and is a totally intoxicating vibrant pop-tastic tune that will raise a smile and get every muscle and limb moving freely.

“’Sad Bop’ is a summary of how I felt last summer when all of my saturday nights were spent in the same old club, same old songs, same old guys. Everyone just wanted to get as drunk as possible, take someone home and then forget all about it the next day and I just wanted something more, something real” says Sianon. “Sad songs get me through almost anything, I even listen to them at the gym which is probably the worst place for them, but this song was my farewell to the lifestyle I had so badly outgrown, the last hurrah beforeswapping j​ägerbombs ​and sticky nightclub floors for a cup of tea at home in front of the tv, I wish I was joking haha”, she adds.

Sianon was born in the West Midlands but is now based in Brighton and despite having no manager, no label and no PR, Sianon’s drive and determination to succeed is unresolved as she powers into her third single, the follow up to “Make Me Jealous”, which sees Sianon take the floor and the roof off simultaneously. In 2019, aged 21, she turned her attention to pop, developing material with Irvin (Lana DelRey, Anne Marie), Liam Willford (The Hunna, Coasts), Matt Rist (Lilla Vargen) and producer Julien Flew (Joey Maxwell) and has already played live supporting the likes of Gabrielle Aplin and the Isle Of Wight Festival.

“I’m about as edgy as an orange,” Sianon confesses. “I grew up listening to Westlife and Avril Lavigne and singing along to Take That at weddings”. And why not?! “Sad Bop”, I hope, will be the breakout song Sianon needs to get her noticed. It’s certainly radio friendly and with a killer chorus complete with stutter beats this has been on track repeat here in the office for a few days now.

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