FRESH: ‘Salvation’ – Enoka

Enoka wants to find “Salvation”

Swedish singer Enoka requests “Salvation” with her new single, which marks her third release of 2020 since her debut, “Like A Hurricane”. “Salvation” is a heady mixture of electro-pop with elements of early 00’s R&B…and also a hint of 90’s Dionne Farris in there too! Enoka seeks, and indeed, asks you to “find me salvation” as the self styled ‘queen on the floor’ presents this pulsing beat-based track for your approval.

Enoka has provided vocals for a variety of artists and producers for many years, including Arash, Gunter, popstar singer Margaret from Poland and Bobby Farrell from Boney M and even John Lundvik, who won the Swedish Eurovision contest in 2019, but in 2020, decided the time was for her to shine on her own and has been working with writers and producers Anderz Wrethov and Andreas Stone, and Tomas Cederholm to create her own music.

With “Like A Hurricane”, “Queen On The Floor” and now “Salvation”, Enoka is seeking to inject up-tempo Pop/Dance backing tracks fused with fierce energy and world music vibes into each and every song she releases and judging from the three she has so far unleashed, Enoka plans to stay around for some considerable time yet!

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