LZYBY Unleashes Fresh Pop Track ‘Frustration’

Pop fans hold onto your hats because we have a new name for you here. Furthermore, hailing from London, LZYBY is driving modern pop forward with his new post-genre release ‘Frustration’.

The track is a hybrid of all things exquisite in pop from previous generations and the modern chart. Moreover, LZYBY cleverly fuses up to date hooks with nostalgia, and the result is a unique gem which stands out clear as day.

It all gets underway with an unconventional opener. A synth picks us up for the adventure, and it increases gradually ahead of one of the most prominent bass riffs which I have heard in recent times. The bass riff we hear takes up a large chunk of the mix, and it is what drives the track forward, it is delightful.

Vocally, LZYBY sings with utmost confidence. So much so, it is easy to mistake him for an artist with decades of experience. However, he is still only early in his career, and he only started releasing music this year. Nevertheless, his tone and quality are similar to artists with decades of practice, and he proves that you do not need heaps of experience under the belt to churn out an anthem.

Overall, ‘Frustration’ is medicine to the ears for anyone who craves fresh pop. Additionally, it comes with a myriad of sounds which will have you hooked from the moment you hit play. But, it is not only pop lovers who will relish this new release. Furthermore, LZYBY boasts plenty of styles, including soul and r&b; also, I even hear a little indie poking out of the mix at times. Therefore, it has just about something for everybody.

Don’t forget to follow all the songs featured on our FRESH music feature. Enjoy!


Don’t forget to follow all the songs featured on our FRESH music feature. Enjoy!

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