Maxine Nightingale

COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Right Back Where We Started From’

The song, “Right Back Where We Started From”, was originally recorded by Maxine Nightingale in 1975

“Right Back Where We Started From” was written by Pierre Tubbs (b.1942) and J. Vincent Edwards (b.1947) and recorded by British singer Maxine Nightingale (b.1952) in 1975 as the title track from her debut album which followed in 1976. The song was a smash hit, making No.2 in America, No.8 in the UK and reaching the top ten in more than a dozen other countries.

There have been numerous other versions ever since but the most significant came from another British singer, Sinitta, in June 1989 as the first single from her covers album, “Wicked”. Her version, produced by Pete Hammond, better known for his work with Stock Aitken Waterman, did much better in the UK, peaking at No.4 as well as being a big hit all across Europe and reaching No.7 in Australia.

But whose version is the best? MAXINE’s original or SINITTA’s cover?

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