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FRESH: ‘How Far?’ – Wendy Godfrey

Wendy Godfrey asks “How Far?”

Afro-Irish singer Wendy Godfrey has recently released her debut single “How Far?”, a sultry groove that injects you with lithesome body moves from the very second the 80’s-enthused soundtrack begins. This is 80’s soul-pop reawakened for 2020 and with influences including Michael Jackson and Beyoncé, it’s not hard to see how this cracking first release has taken shape.

“How Far?” questions just how much you can expect or even give in any relationship? Is it 100%? Wendy tells us: “When writing this song, I had both outward and inner inspirations. I thought about relationships where the guy wasn’t connecting with his girl because she had her walls up. I then started to think about how I was that type of girl and the kind of guy I would be willing to break those walls down for. This was my first time writing a pop song. I’m used to writing R&B and Afro-Beats. But this was a great challenge for me to step out of my comfort zone and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out”.

“How Far?” was recorded by LJ Platform Management and produced by Solow The Astronaut and is already an exciting preview of what’s to come from Wendy in the future. “How Far?” is the lead single from her debut EP to be released later in 2020, and we cannot wait! Go Wendy – a talkaboutpopmusic.com one to look out for!

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