Catherine Sunday

FRESH: ‘Champagne’ – Catherine Sunday

Catherine Sunday drinks “Champagne”

Catherine Sunday is a singer and a songwriter and she’s just released her second single of 2020, the bumping “Champagne”, which has plenty of sparkle and vibe to fizz up any party. As Catherine confesses, “now I only drink champagne, now I got expensive taste”. “Champagne” is the follow up to “Give Me Back”, released earlier in 2020 and is Catherine’s fourth single since her debut, “Calling”, in 2019.

Catherine has been developing her sound, working with an array of genre defining producers bringing to the table a distinctive balance of experimental and mainstream pop influence. Catherine has always had her finger on the pulse of pop culture and continues to push boundaries with each new release. Born in Portugal, she moved to Brighton in 2010 to pursue a songwriting career at the renowned British Institute of Modern Music. Following on from her studies in 2015 Catherine moved to London to be at the heart of the industry.

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