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FRESH: ‘Delusional’ – Maya Mae

Maya Mae is not “Delusional”

Dutch singer Maya Mae has just released her new single, “Delusional”, a beautiful, if short, yet atmospheric tune which gorgeous vibes and backing tracks that changes from verse to chorus from a haunting down-tempo number to a pulsing R&B beat. 20 year old Maya uses “Delusional” to point out the sexual objectification women have to deal with on a daily basis and does so with magnetic and endearing influence.

“Delusional” is Maya’s third release of 2020 and follows on from “Breathe Me” and “Leave Me Alone”. Known for her angelic voice and mature songwriting, “Delusional” may be her best work as of yet. She follows singing with her other passion and ambition for creating top notch visuals, by writing and directing the accompanying video. Maya has directed all of her previous singles videos, but with “Delusional”, she shows her full potential as upcoming script writer and director.

Maya says of the song: “The song ‘Delusional’ inherently rules around the sexual objectification ofwomen. I want to take a stand for and with women who dare to claim their sexual agency. Through controversy and confrontation I want to tell my own personal story and those of many others”.

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