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COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Do You Want It Right Now?’

The song, “Do You Want It Right Now?”, was originally recorded by Siedah Garrett in 1985

“Do You Want It Right Now?” was written by China Burton and Nick Straker and recorded by American singer Siedah Garrett (b.1960) for the film ‘Fast Forward’ in 1985. The song was, however, only a minor hit reaching No.63 on the US R&B chart.

Taylor Dayne recorded the song in 1988 for her debut album, “Tell It To My Heart”, although this was not released as a single. US group Degrees Of Motion recorded what is probably the best known version next in 1992, reaching No.31 initially in the UK but two years later, after their top ten hit “Shine On”, the song was reissued and made No.26.

British producers Simon Slater, Laurence Nelson-Boudville and Simon Hanson, known as Gat Decor, remixed and reworked the song, essentially keeping the chorus and the tone, in 1996, rebranding it “Passion”. This version remains to date the best charting, reaching No.6 on the UK top 40.

But whose version is the best? SIEDAH’s original, DEGREES cover or GAT DECOR’s remix?

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