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FRESH: ‘The Problem’ – Katie Kittermaster

Katie Kittermaster deal with “The Problem”

Katie Kittermaster, who we profiled last year with her EP, “Coming Home At Dawn”, has just released her second new song of 2020, “The Problem”, the follow up to “One Of A Kind”, and another perfect slice of Katie, both vocally and musically. This is easy listening pop, and one might even venture to say posh pop, in the same vein as Sophie Ellis-Bextor first achieved when she released her debut album all those years ago.

Katie discusses her own involvement in a given relationship, how things appear from where she’s standing, irrespective of who is to blame and that, possibly, she is the problem… Katie deals with all eventualities and scenarios with honesty and also with a singular, enclosed mind. This is a song that can be viewed from two different corners but you can’t help but take Katie’s side and feel some sort of sympathy towards how hert mind has been turned.

Opening for the likes of Jools Holland, Olly Murs and Ronan Keating and touring with Lucy Spraggan, and Boyzlife (Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy) over the course of the past two years has made it abundantly clear for Katie that crowds really homed in on her honest, conversational songs. As her words were sung back to her manifold, she was compelled to explore the potential of her music a little deeper. Katie reveals that in her upcoming material, she’ll release will not only explore different types of relationships but expand sonically into the realms of floor-filling, widescreen pop. “She Should Be Here” is essentially written as a spiritual successor to “You Needed Me” off her previous EP, written from an individual with slightly more miles on her soul.

Homing in on specific situations like waiting for the taxi and going to the kebab shop creates a vivid image and one that many will be able to relate to. Sonically, the song is heavily inspired by Robyn, combining a supple dance floor sensibility with wistful lyrics. Katie even makes a cheeky reference to Ellis-Bextor’s iconic hit “Murder On The Dancefloor”! All in all, in her new songs, Katie Kittermaster dares herself to ask the harder questions, albeit juxtaposing them with the immediacy of contemporary pop. This alliance helped expand her vocabulary to bright new levels.

Katie says of “The Problem”: “It was the night before I was flying to LA for a writing session and I was feeling the pressure of working with seasoned writers and hit makers. I think I’ve become a worrier this year. With more pressure put on you or you put on yourself, you feel a responsibility to deliver. There are obviously things in everyone’s life that go wrong: friendships that fall apart, relationships that don’t turn out the way you wanted them to. ‘The Problem’ is a reflection on these sorts of things that happen when you grow up; ‘What if I was the problem? What if this is all my fault?”.

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