SPOTIFY ARTIST PICK: Luke James Williams

Pick Us, Please!

Everyone will benefit.

Here at Talk About Pop Music one of our major frustrations is when artists don’t make the most of their ‘Artist’s Pick’ area on their Spotify profile!


It’s a great way to highlight their favourite songs, playlists and other artists.

Most artists will showcase their latest song or album but here at Talk About Pop Music we think that is not always the best way to use it.

Surely, if someone is on your Spotify profile already they will easily find your latest release…

So, here’s where we want to ask you a favour!

Why not use the ‘Artist’s Pick’ to promote hard working people like us here at Talk About Pop Music who spend endless, unpaid hours promoting your songs.


Why not add our playlists to your Spotify ‘Artist’s Pick’ area?

You can find out more about ‘Artist’s Pick’ and how to use it here.

Be like Luke James Williams!

As you can see below, friend of Talk About Pop Music, Luke James Williams has added our playlist ‘the muse’ as their ‘Artist Pick’…

We would really appreciate if you added one of our New Music playlists but you can choose to add any other playlist we have too.

What are you waiting for?

We work hard to help artists like you so if you would like to show us some love back then this would be awesome!

Thank you!

Don’t forget to listen to ‘Blood Jump’ by Luke James Williams and watch this space to find out more about this new discovery!


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