FRESH: ‘Nine More Lives’ – Tazmin

Tazmin has “Nine More Lives”

Young UK singer/songwriter Tazmin (Barnes) releases her new single, “Nine More Lives”, today, her second of 2020, following on from “Tokyo After Dark”. “Nine More Lives” is a groovy, upbeat track with a personal plea to be offered a second chance at love. The song was written and performed by Tazmin, she also did the majority of the production while mixing and mastering was provided by an external independent producer.

Tazmin grew up in China and started singing in talent shows from the age of 7. By 10 she was playing in a school covers bandwhich ended up getting ‘corporate’ bookings all over Beijing. She returned to the UK in 2016 and started to write. She released two EP’s (“Trapped” and “Powerful”). Both made the Top 20 of the iTunes Pop Charts. Tazmin likes to use her music as a vehicle to deliver important messages regarding issues about which she is passionate. Previous tracks have covered topics such as climate change, womens empowerment and mental health.

“Nine More Lives” was heavily influenced by the work of Nile Rodgers and his use of the ‘hook’ as the opening lines to a song. Tazmin is an ardent student of music construction and how this can be best applied to her writing and she seems to of been paying attention if her past achievements are anything to go by. The young Worcester based singer is learning as she goes and already creating music that befits someone of a much more mature age and longevity in the industry. Let’s hope she has at least eight more lives to go yet!

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