FRESH: ‘Who Are You?’ – Catbear

Catbear ask, “Who Are You?”

London synth pop duo Catbear – Zoe Konez and Sarah Smith – release their new single, “Who Are You?”, today, their third release of 2020. The song has a great retro vibe about it with a pulsing, pumping tone to the verses and the bridge and gorgeous vocals from Sarah, this is a superb addiction to the duo’s growing collection of DIY tunes that should see them reach a much greater audience from now on.

“Who Are You?” is about the intensity of that first flash of overwhelming lust when you’re falling deep for someone and it’s a more intense attraction than you’ve ever had before. You had no idea desire could feel like this – it’s intoxicating! Catbear say of the track: “This was so much fun to write. I came up with the first half of the song on a train during my commute on one of the last days before lockdown and we developed it during those first few long weeks of quarantine where making music kept us going”.

Written, recorded and produced by Zoe in her home studio during lockdown, whilst Sarah was busy working in A&E for the NHS, the creation of the song gave an escape from the daily challenges of front-line working. The power of music for wellbeing is something Zoe knows only too well as she runs a music programme in a mental health hospital. The song comes after their earlier 2020 releases “Love And War” and “Girl Crush” and despite Sarah’s extra activities this year, their output has been their most prolific yet. Long may it continue!

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