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FRESH: ‘The Flower’ – Julia Karr

Julia Karr releases “The Flower”

Polish, German based singer-songwriter Julia Karr releases her new single, “The Flower”, today, with a Duffy/Amy Winehouse sound and a laid back jazz/soul soundtrack, “The Flower” is Julia’s fourth single of this year since she debuted with “Not Your Cup Of Tea”. With “The Flower”, Julia reflects on her nature, past choices and being a ‘late’ but sturdy bloomer and is filled with dreamy sounds and R&B/blues instrumentation.

While music has always been an integral part of her life, intense stage fright and a sensitive nature have prevented Julia from creating and performing music in the past. Only in the last year has she burst onto the local music scene, capturing audiences with soulful performances and surprising authenticity. Her music is a combination of her multicultural upbringing, an emotional soul, a newly-discovered sense of playful exploration as well as her neo-soul, indie R&B and alt-pop influences.

Beginning with “The Flower”, Julia has worked with producer Stefan Weith on a collection of songs which will be released over the course of the next few months. The songs tackle such themes as friendships, love, heartache, purpose and life in general. Hamburg based Julia is now happy in her comfort zone of playing to a live audience and hopes soon to be able to present this new collection of songs with her band and begin to get her name noticed in the wider world, just as her favourite artists Billie Eilish, Regina Spektor and Khalid once did themselves.

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