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CHARTS: UK Top 40 Singles Chart 11th November 1990

Thirty years ago: UK Top 40 Singles Chart for Sunday 11th November 1990

So this was the chart that Radio 1 DJ Mark Goodier broadcast from 5-7pm with data from the GALLUP computer based on record sales from Monday 5th to Saturday 10th November 1990.

This is how the charts USED to look with new entries, climbers and non-movers, all based solely on record purchases.
This week, thirty years ago, there were six new entries, twelve climbers and one non-mover! And it was announced like this…

40. Caron Wheeler – “UK Blak”
Soul II Soul singer Caron Wheeler is back this week with her second single to enter the top 40, the follow up to “Livin’ In The Light”.

39. Twenty4Seven featuring Captain Hollywood – “I Can’t Stand It”
Twenty4Seven and Captain Hollywood are still hanging on for ninth week, down twelve with their joint first UK top 40 hit.

38. NWA – “100 Miles And Running”
NWA came back to the UK chart last week for a second time with this track, which climbs just one place seven days on.

37. Technotronic – “Megamix”
Going the other way are Technotronic with their megamix of hits, down sixteen places in their seventh week on the chart.

36. Aztec Camera – “Good Morning Britain”
Also with seven weeks on the chart are Aztec Camera with the first top 40 hit from their current album, which drops ten places.

35. Julee Cruise – “Falling”
Julee Cruise is an American singer who has been recording since 1985. Her latest track is being used for a new US TV series called Twin Peaks and it gives her a UK chart debut with the new entry this week.

34. George Michael – “Waiting For That Day”
Time has run out for George, who is down eleven places this week with the second single from his latest, number one album.

33. Londonbeat – “I’ve Been Thinking About You”
They’ve now been with us a full three months but could this be the last week for US quartet Londonbeat as they go down nine places with their biggest UK hit so far?

32. Blue Pearl – “Little Brother”
Not good news either for Blue Pearl who slip back one place with the follow up to their massive top five hit this Summer.

31. a-ha – “Crying In The Rain”
Morton, Mags and Pal are down twelve this week with the first single to come from their new album, “East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon”, which drops right out of the top twenty on this weeks album chart.

30. Jon Bon Jovi – “Miracle”
Jon Bon Jovi is back with a new entry and his second solo single, the follow up to this Summers top twenty hit, “Blaze Of Glory”.

29. Jason Donovan – “I’m Doing Fine”
It would seem that Jason Donovan has been denied a top twenty hit for the very first time as he falls seven places this week, and not doing as fine as he thought.

28. The Mission – “Hands Across The Ocean”
The Mission are back with a new tune and for their fourth appearance in the top 40 this year. This track comes from a new EP they have coming out called “Grains Of Sand”.

27. Status Quo – “The Anniversary Waltz part one”
The Quo leave the top twenty this week, where they’ve been for six weeks, down eleven places with their 25th anniversary hits package.

26. Prince – “New Power Generation”
Prince is up, however, with the second single to come from “Graffiti Bridge”, seven places higher than his entry last week.

25. Jive Bunny – “Let’s Swing Again”
There’s a new entry for Jive Bunny next with ‘his’ third chart hit of this year, but it’s the lowest ‘he’s’ come in since ‘his’ debut last Summer.

24. Happy Mondays – “Kinky Afro”
Down ten places and out of the upper half of the chart are the Happy Mondays with their second top ten hit of this year.

23. Inspiral Carpets – “Island Head” EP
Coming in with an EP this time are the Inspiral Carpets who have really made a mark on the chart this year and this week they are also the highest new entry.

22. Megabass – “Time To Make The Floor Burn”
Megabass made their debut last week with this ‘concoction‘ and it seems to of caught a few peoples attention as they get a big boost of sixteen places this week.

21. Del Amitri – “Spit In The Rain”
Del Amitri were also one of last week’s new entry’s and they go up nine places with the fifth single to come from their second album, “Waking Hours”.

20. Bobby Vinton – “Blue Velvet”
Bobby Vinton takes a shorter step down this week, just three places, remaining in the top twenty, where he came in, eight weeks ago.

19. Roxette – “Dressed For Success”
Roxette also take a slow step back, just one place this week, with the third UK top twenty hit from last year’s “Look Sharp” album.

18. Rita MacNeill – “Working Man”
While Rita MacNeill takes her first UK chart hit down six places, three years after it was originally released.

17. The Cure – “Close To Me”
The Cure’s five year old song that has been re-released in support of their best of that’s coming out, is down four places this week.

16. Paul Simon – “The Obvious Child”
And Paul Simon’s biggest UK chart hit for four years drops back one place, from his recent chart topping album.

15. EMF – “Unbelievable”
British band EMF made their chart debut last week with this number, which enters the top twenty, up ten places.

14. Maria McKee – “Show Me Heaven”
Leaving the top ten for the first time in nine weeks is the former number one from Maria McKee while Tom’s other soundtrack tune remains top ten.

13. The LA’s – “There She Goes”
The LA’s two year old song has finally made the top 40 and it was last week’s highest climber. It advances another seven places, seven days on.

12. Jimmy Somerville – “To Love Somebody”
Jimmy Somerville‘s latest cover version from his debut solo album, “Read My Lips”, has a great week as he powers up sixteen places to give him three top twenty hits off the album.

11. 808 State – “Cubik”
But it’s not as many as 808 State, who are this week’s highest climbers, up eighteen places with their first solo single away from MC Tunes, since last November.

10. Whitney Houston – “I’m Your Baby Tonight”
Whitney gets a fourth week in the UK top ten, down three places, however, while her album of the same name is new in at No.6 this week.

9. Belinda Carlisle – “(We Want) The Same Thing”
Fellow American Belinda Carlisle is still one place above her, also down three places having been a non-mover for the past two weeks, with the fifth release from last year’s “Runaway Horses” album.

8. Kylie Minogue – “Step Back In Time”
The females keep coming and Kylie makes a slump of four places this week. The former highest new entry two weeks ago got her 11th top five hit last week but drops out, with her new album, “Rhythm Of Love“, out tomorrow!

7. Berlin – “Take My Breath Away”
All change in the top five this week as another big hit drops out, also down four places for Berlin with their former 1986 chart topper.

6. Robert Palmer and UB40 – “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight”
Robert Palmer continues to climb the chart, now four places higher with his biggest hit for more than two years, with UB40 in tow.

5. Blackbox – “Fantasy”
Blackbox are back in the top five for the first time since March with their cover of “Fantasy”, which is already the most successful version of this song, up four places this week.

4. The Beautiful South – “A Little Time”
Former chart toppers The Beautiful South are down two places this week, having been top two for the last four weeks with their new album, “Choke”, out tomorrow.

3. Kim Appleby – “Don’t Worry”
Kim Appleby moves up two more places this week and into the top three with her biggest hit in three and a half years.

2. Paul Gascoigne and Lindisfarne – “Fog On The Tyne”
‘Gazza’ and Lindisfarne were last week’s highest new entry and ‘score’ a big goal this week moving up nine places and who knows, number one next week…?

1. The Righteous Brothers – “Unchained Melody”
But for this week and a third week in a row Bobby and Bill remain top of the pile with their 1965 version of “Unchained Melody” thanks to the film ‘Ghost’. But will they be able to keep it a fourth, or will ‘Gazza’ and Lindisfarne, Kim Appleby or Blackbox knock them off? There’s only one to find out…

Make sure you come back in seven days time for next weeks chart!

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