VIEWS: How Ariana Grande Is Transforming Pop Culture

More than just a petite girl with a powerful voice

Written by Peter Minkoff

Even though some people would say that Ariana Grande is just a petite girl with a powerful voice, the truth is that she’s much more than that.

She’s a global superstar for a good reason, so keep on reading to find out what makes this girl so special.

She inevitably is transforming pop culture these days, which is why you should stay with us to learn more about her. Enjoy!

From a shy girl from Boca Ranton to an international pop star

Born in 1993, Ariana Grande seemingly was just an ordinary girl from Boca Raton, Florida. However, her talents have started to come to light very soon, as she was performing on the stage since she was a small kid. When she was a teenager, Ariana was performing in numerous local plays near her hometown.

However, everything changed when she got a role in a popular Broadway play. She was only 15 back then, and many people say that it was the exact moment her career has started to bloom.

Ariana Grande is now one of the most famous singers and actresses in the world who debuted at No. 1 on the US Billboard 200 chart back in 2013. She also won multiple American Music Awards, Grammy Awards, and many more – she even broke several Guinness World Records in a short period of time!

Don’t forget about her iconic ponytail!


If Ariana Grande is known for anything apart from her music – it’s definitely her iconic ponytail.

In fact, she’s rarely seen without it in public, and she even said that it’s the only style that works for her damaged natural hair. She started wearing it back in 2014, as her music career was starting to take off.

Before that, Ariana played Cat Valentine on Victorious, a popular Nickelodeon series, where she had to dye her hair red for almost three full years.

To achieve her signature look, the pop star is using variations of long clip in hair extensions that can give her ponytail the desired length and volume.

Needless to say, this fabulous hairstyle has been widely copied by her fans from all over the globe. Millions of girls wanted a ponytail exactly like Ariana’s – especially when paired up with an adorable cat ear headband!

Her fashion style is unmatched!

Similarly to her ponytail, we can freely say that Ariana’s fashion style is quite unique, too. The first item she’s known for is a pair of thigh-high boots.

These are an absolute must in her clothing combos. Ariana loves to pair them with cute dresses, such as mini babydoll ones – both on and off the stage. Do we even have to mention that lavender is Ari’s favorite color? We don’t think so, the entire world already knows it!

Besides lavender, she loves to wear other pastels, too, which is why Ariana is our pastel queen. When she’s casual, Ari prefers oversized hoodies, puffer jackets, and cute fanny packs.

She’s just a regular girl from the neighborhood, isn’t she? Of course, hundreds of thousands of teenage girls love to copy her style and dress just like Ariana does. If you ask us, it’s one more sign of her dominance in today’s pop culture!

She’s a strong LBTQ supporter

Did you know that Ariana Grande is a huge LBGTQ supporter, too?

That’s right, which is what makes us love her even more!

Her older half-brother, Frankie Grande, is openly gay, and his little sister supports him and shows nothing but love for him. Also, Ariana performed at the 27th annual NYC Pride back in 2015, which is another indicator of her support towards the LGBTQ community.

Did you know that she’s considered to be a gay icon? Oh, yes, and she said that it was her favorite thing anyone has ever said to her. Ariana’s Break Free video also has to tell a lot about her love for this community, too. It’s a real gay fantasy – but with a campy twist, and you know what? We love our girl Ari because of that!

As you can see, Ariana Grande is truly transforming pop culture in more ways than you could imagine. Apart from her powerful voice and remarkable career in music, she’s a true fashion icon who rocks the most iconic hairstyle – a gorgeous high ponytail.

The fact that she’s an LGBTQ supporter is yet another thing why we should love this amazing girl, right?

So, we bow to our gorgeous queen and all we have to say is – you go, Ari!