FRESH: ‘Shove It’ – Olipage

Olipage says “Shove It”!

Olipage is just that. Oli Page. He comes from Montreal in Canada and is a self confessed “caffeine addicted looper”. His new single, the blues/Country/indie-pop “Shove It” is out now and his the fifth track from Olipage since he debuted at the beginning of 2020 with “Runaway”. While Oli may draw comparison from the likes of Ed Sheeran, his music is rustic and self written, produced and also orchestrated by Oli.

The video for “Shove It” is directed by Mathieu Samson at Studio 200, In it, Olipage exposes the importance of his addiction to caffeine on his creative process that led to the release of “Shove It” and his upcoming EP, due out in early 2021. Just like the song, the music video adresses the dark subjects of addiction and toxic relationships while keeping a joyful humorful mood.

Armed only with an acoustic guitar, a microphone and a few pedals, Olipage performs original songs as much as improvisations to ensure that every performance he gives is unique, creative, and comic. His charisma as an animator led him to become the host of the music podcast Backdoor Montréal and of many of the live events organised by Le Sanctuaire in Old Port Montreal.

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