FRESH: ‘Keep On Running’ – Screams From The Sun

Screams From The Sun, “Keep On Running”

London based duo Screams From The Sun (Francis Jupiter and Mimí Out) release their new single “Keep On Running”, today, a superb synthwave-retrowave track full of 80’s flavour with awesome synth guitars and rock vocals over a crescendo of instrumentation to blow your mind back to 1984! “Keep On Running” is the duos second official release of 2020 and follows their earlier release, “Down Down”, which has since been followed with an acoustic version.

“Keep On Running” was recorded and mixed at the boys homes from two different countries during lockdown and mastered at The Fucina Studio in Italy. All the extra voices at the end of the track are from several fans from around the world who sent recordings to then using their phones! Screams From The Sun tell us that: “We wanted to create an uplifting track with positive vibes to express this concept of finding ourselves. Being always into the synthpop sound and 80s vibes came naturally to us to give the extra bit of fun to the track”.

They add: “Life is like a run and the only way to discover more and more about ourselves is to never stop. We’re in a constant evolution andwe’ll never stop learning. Why not having fun in doing it?”. Francis and Mimi made their debut in 2017 with “The Battle” and have continued to release the occasional new tune ever since. Beginning as buskers on the streets of London as a full time job, they now focus their efforts on writing and recording that has lead to performances for Rolling Stone, France and even with American actor and musician, Jared Leto!

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