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FRESH: ‘Whippoorwill’ – Madeline Finn

Madeline Finn releases “Whippoorwill”

Nashville based singer Madeline Finn releases her beautiful new Country ballad, “Whippoorwill”, today. Produced by Ben Cramer and Owen Lewis, the song is a brand new composition, set aside from her debut album, “Trial By Fire”, that was released earlier this year, and which features the singles, “Neat”, “When It’s Dark” and “Timing Is Everything”. A whippoorwill, for those who don’t know, is a small, well camouflaged bird, that is found only on the eastern side of the United States, most recognised for its distinctive ‘song’.

“Whippoorwill” is both delicate and gentle, mysterious and elusive, just like its namesake and will, I promise, have you hooked and intrigued in equal measures from the moment you are captured by its individual quality. Madeline describes the song as “a conversation with my future self about all the things I’d give up to be where I think I want to be. Writing ‘Whippoorwill’ was a challenging exploration into the world of personal sacrifice and the meaning of success, [and] a passion piece from start to finish”.

She adds “I have never been more proud of a song than I am of this work. I sincerely hope you enjoy it and that it speaks to you in some way”. Perhaps that is why this song has been kept away from “Trials By Fire”. It deserves to be alone, on its own, away from the crowd and cherished for the single beauty of its being. Madeline Finn made her debut in 2018 with “Colerain Mansion” and steadily built up a collection of tunes that lead to her debut long player. Madeline plays the guitar and piano as well as composing her own work, which she now shares with the world and how grateful we are fore that.

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