FRESH: ‘Soul’s Matter’ – Nuage featuring Omfeel

Nuage says “Soul’s Matter”

Russian DJ and producer Dmitry Kuzmin goes by the name of Nuage and has been releasing material for ten years. His new single, “Soul’s Matter”, is another taster of his upcoming fifth album, “Our Language” and follows this year’s releases “Memory Pattern” and “Romantic OD”. The song is, for the most part, a low key dance instrumental track with pianist Omfeel intertwining with the beats and keyboard hook.

Nuage says of the song: “’Soul’s Matter’ was written under the influence of breakbeats, jungle and 2step, all those 90’s inspired things. I picked a rhode sample from some jungle oneshots library, and built a rhythm around with that powerful kick. The rhythm was based on a breakbeat loop, then I asked Omfeel to play around this stab and as a result, we had a long piano chords and a few short cuts, which I shortened even further by making slices. I also took the vocals from some soul acapella, there are two of acapellas here, one is very preciselly chopped and works like a rhythm, and the second sounds like an atmospheric theme that adds space and eu-phoria to the track. The final one turned out into laidback and dancefloor at the same time, it sounds especially good at the be-ginning of the party, when people are just starting to get together and they excited what will be happened next”.

“One Language” will be his first collective since his 2017 album, “Wild”. Hailing from St. Petersburg, Nuage released his EP “Nuage Presents: Longest Hour” last year which featured the track “There’s No End In The Beginning” in both original and acoustic form. For this new collection, Nuage has teamed with with some very talented artists from around the world including Brooklyn based producer Baile on “Memory Pattern” and fellow Russian artist Bop on “Romantic OD”, which also features the vocals of Omfeel one again. “Romantic OD” was released as a four track EP with a darker, deeper beat soundtrack. The new album is shaping up to be another fine collection with “Soul’s Matter” a poignant and intricate feature at its heart.

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