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FRESH: ‘Hold On To You’ – Jonny Morgan

Jonny Morgan wants to “Hold On To You”

London based US folk singer Jonny Morgan has released another cracking tune recenly with “Hold On To You”, his fourth this year since he debuted with “Hurt Me”. The song is tinged with Country elements and has a slow yet hard hitting nature, you can just feel the airy outdoor wilderness in the soundtrack with Jonny’s ‘Western’ syle voice and vocal lacing every twang and tweek.

All four of Jonny’s releases this year have been brought together on one EP, “A Brief Introduction”, which is out now. The story of “Hold On To You” is an interesting one, which Jonny tells here: “I originally wrote this song as a Christmas song and you could argue it still is (there are sleigh bells on it!). I toyed with the idea of other songs to finish off the EP, but after the turbulence and uncertainty of this year, a vulnerable love song just felt right”.

Jonny has been prolific in releasing music heavily influenced by his unsubtle love for Americana, roots, and folk music. His unashamedly transatlantic songs combine his talent for vocalising the weight of relationships and life experiences, with poetic lyrics and warm, layered, ambient sounds. Jonny aspires to make music that is vulnerable, incorporating the real, raw emotions of everyday life into his gritty acoustic singer/songwriter style. After recording the first half of the EP in Nashville, lockdown forced Jonny to find his musical feet on home soil.

Jonny is currently putting together a full album of new material, due to come out next year.

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