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FRESH: ‘Love In A Wasteland’ – Paul Babe

Paul Babe releases “Love In A Wasteland”

Brooklyn based artist Seth Evans has just set out on his music career under the name of ‘Paul Babe’. He released his first single, “Lasso”, earlier in 2020 and now he’s back with the follow up, the amazing “Love In A Wasteland”, which is both totally full of atmosphere and intrigue and is described as a ‘typical hopeful alien invasion love story song’! Both songs with feature on ‘Paul Babe’s debut album due to come in the Spring of 2021 and judging from what we’ve been offered so far, this is going to be a 21st century masterpiece.

Paul Babe says of the track: “Though the song chronicles the difficult but destined path of lovers caught in a post-apocalyptic, alien-ravaged dystopia (and though I wrote it quite some time ago) it seems oddly relative today. Forgive the exhaustive cliche but it is about finding a light in the dark (Jan 20th anyone?) or at the end of the tunnel, or however you choose your old adages”.

Paul Babe is based in Brooklyn but come from the land of 10k lakes (suburbs of Minneapolis to be precise) where he grew up down the road from Paisley Park. This was the recording studio and eventual home of his hero, Prince, so his music naturally is injected with his influence. Also, you might say it is reminiscent of the more ethereal side of Bon Iver except with a slightly less shrill falsetto. There’s plenty of drama in “Love In A Wasteland”, from the rocky guitars to the pulsing soundtrack and Paul’s vocal enhancements taking music to another level and another dimension!

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