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FRESH: ‘Floating’ – The Violet Whispers

The Violet Whispers are “Floating”

Australian musician Nikhil Murthy records under the moniker of The Violet Whispers and made his debut earlier in 2020 with “Heaven Knows”. He has now released his third single, “Floating”, which is out today, a gorgeous acoustic chill anthem and is somewhat more serene than the fast pace of his previous release “Road To Paris” and the rockyness of “Heaven Knows”.

​The Violet Whispers say of “Floating”: “This is me at my most honest and raw. This song acts as a diary of a time in my life when I felt so emotionally, physically and spiritually removed from the core of myself that I felt absolutely disillusioned by the world I existed in. Sometimes we need to turn to our loved ones to nurture us back to health and to simply remind us that we are worthy of all the wonderful things in this life”.

Nikhil had previously released material under his own name, most notably the song “Victim”, but under went a radical overhaul of himself and his music at the end of 2019, thus The Violet Whispers was born. He cites many influeces of the project from Bob Dylan, A Tribe Called Quest, Primal Scream, Underworld and many others, and is already proving with the three tracks now released, he is not being defined by genre or label.

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