VIEWS: Top Reasons Why Lily Allen Is A True Icon

F**k you…with a smile 🙂

Written by Peter Minkoff

The entertainment industry is brimming with celebs eager to steal the spotlight, but with few of them willing to tread outside of the comfort zone of what’s deemed acceptable.

The controversies of the music industry persevere, but freedom-lovers and unconventional thinkers such as Lily Allen give voice to what’s not considered mainstream, but vital.

From her feminist, empowering views on women’s rights, all the way to her unfiltered way of approaching topics, Lily has become an icon of the music world for more than her tunes.

Her rebellious spirit paired with her stylish persona make women respect her even more – if anything, she inspires ladies everywhere to follow their gut, find their expression, and explore their senses. Here are a few reasons to love her, although there are many more we are sure to discover in the years to come!

No such thing as boring nails

Tired of red lips and the classic French manicure? Lily Allen gets it. More importantly, she knows exactly how she can turn the style situation around in her favor and devise a look so daring and eccentric that few can match it. Have you seen her with the images of Miley Cyrus twerking painted on her nails? Yes, you’ve read that correctly, she has had her tour-mate painted on her nails, in the most glorious positions imaginable.

So perhaps this is a good moment to start ditching that comfort zone of yours and try more than dark red nails and pink lips. You don’t have to go as big as Lily the first-time round, but you can certainly try some rainbow, mismatched hues, or a funky little image print on your nails to make you smile every day.

She knows how to face her demons


She does not beat around the bush. Lily has a tendency to shock the public with her brazen statements with zero tolerance for mincing words. That, however, is not just true when she speaks about the industry, or about people who she feels have deserved their behavior ridiculed in public. On the contrary, she has the same approach when talking about herself, her mistakes, and her poor choices in life.

You’ll find interviews where she openly discusses her dissatisfaction with herself, her career, her private life. She doesn’t portray herself as any kind of fake, and she uses her music to process her emotions and her fears. In every possible way, she doesn’t run away from her own humanity, which is refreshing coming from a celeb with such an impact.

Empowering sexuality

Lily Allen is big on pleasure and the freedom to enjoy oneself in every possible way – masturbation included. She openly talks about sex and its many shapes and forms, and she’s baffled that it’s still taboo to talk about pleasure and masturbation. So, what does she do? She talks about it and encourages women to explore their sexuality.

From her perspective, getting playful with sex toys and finding out what you enjoy should be a matter of enjoyment and curiosity. There should be no shame in wanting to expand your sexual horizon beyond what you do with your partner or spouse.

The master of her story

You already know that explicitness is her second nature, but did you know that she’s more than a shiny presence on a stage? She creates her art from scratch, so everything from lyrics to the music is her own invention, and she collaborates with other artists in her midst, reflecting her persona and her talent in one go.

Although it took her a while to recognize herself as a musician, she certainly built an image around her personal brand as that of censorship-free creativity and an outspoken public presence.

A rarity among stars, she loves busting stereotypes and calling out people on their backward views – so she gladly supports body positivity.

Her tweet perfectly sums up all the listed traits: “Hey @MailOnline and @CloserOnline don’t drag me into your whole hatred of women saga. I’m f*****g hot and I’m a size happy. Suck it.”

Talk about taking a stand.

Lily Allen is many things, but there is nothing typical, conventional, or dull about her. Her attitude towards her life and career resonates with so many women across the world, and it helps even more cope with their circumstances. She’s not your typical role-model, and yet, she certainly deserves to be celebrated for her extraordinary gusto for life, and even more for not taking any c-word from people. She’ll have none of it.

Maybe it’s time for more atypical role-models such as Lily, don’t you think?