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FRESH: ‘Cashmere Tears’ – Bad Love

Bad Love get “Cashmere Tears”

We’ve been following Manchester ‘boy band’ Bad Love this year intensely with their superb brand of 80’s retro synth pop for the 2020’s and it began with their debut “More Than Friends” and then came the sublime “A Place For Me”, so we were delighted when we heard the foursome had released a follow up with “Cashmere Tears”. And this continues the thread of retro sounding, heavy synth, mid-tempo pop Art with a capital A!

“Cashmere Tears” is a tale of star-crossed lovers, a story of watching someone who used to dream big, convicted to the repetition of ‘sad-suburbia’ by a toxic relationship that somehow always pulls her back in. Creature comforts become safety blankets and slowly, their creativity is suffocated and they stagnate. You watch them lose the spark of who they used to be whilst they nostalgically daydream of a better life.

Andy Gannon of the group told us: “For me, ‘Cashmere Tears’ is a song about how the security of home can hold you back. It’s a story of a girl who’s been stuck for too long in something that’s never been good for her. About how if you want more out of life you need to go and get it before you lose your for it spark. The idea of missing out on life has always given me a huge anxiety, The thought of missing out on life scares the shit out of me. I can’t think of anything worse than waking up one day and wishing I’d done things I knew I should’ve”.

Written, self-produced and mixed during lockdown, “Cashmere Tears” is Bad Love’s first release through internationally acclaimed label AWAL; home to Lauv, Girl In Red, Gus Dapperton and Finneas, positioning them firmly as one of the next big things for alt-pop. We love em and hope with this and their previous releases, the boys can improve on the already expanding interest in them and their music from far and wide. We just cannot wait to hear more and who knows what will come from their new deal…?(!)

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