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FRESH: ‘December’ – Craig Cooney and Rowlette

Craig Cooney and Rowlette mark “December”

Irish singer Craig Cooney, who we have been following all year and introduced with his single “Young Forever“, has teamed up with fellow Irish artist Rowlette for a song about this very month, “December”! Produced by Cormac Kavanagh, “December” reflects on this pretty ‘outstanding’ year for all of us, the sacrifices we have all had to make but the bond that exists between all humans keeps us strong and together at Christmas time and a very different one to that we normally celebrate.

Craig provides the rap verses, spelling out what we’ve all had to endure in 2020 while Rowlette’s sweet chorus and overlapping vocals teaches us how we need to come together and support each other but to “raise a glass” and look forward to the year to come, when hopefully, life can return somewhat to normal.

Rowlette tells us: “This might sound a bit odd but I wanted a less optimistic Christmas song! Every year, there’s so much pressure for everyone to have the best time ever at Christmas, but the reality is Christmas can be really hard for people. Whether it’s financial difficulties, an empty space at the table, or just the trials and tribulations of life, we wanted to write a Christmas song that’s a bit more real”.

Craig adds: “We come from different styles of music and I think our sound’s really compliment each other. Most of the process was over zoom, Rowlette and I hadn’t met before we started writing, so it was a unique experience! This year has been crazy to say the least, and I’m sure this Christmas will be different. Despite the tough times, I hope everyone will get to spend some quality time at home with their families and remember what’s really important”.

2020 has, nevertheless, been a strong year for both artists, with Craig’s “Young Forever” catching our eyes and a wider audience, while Rowlette released her first single of this year, “Letters”, followed by “Cucumber & Ice” as well as her “Coffee Hill Sessions” mini EP. I am sure both Craig and Rowlette have more to offer us in 2021…which we will keep you posted on.

Happy Christmas to you both from all of us at!

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