FRESH: ‘Peaches’ – Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test release “Peaches”!

When you think of a name for your band, make it memorable won’t you. I’ve Got A Fuzzbox And I’m Gonna Use It, is one. But don’t use that, it’s taken! Equally, don’t call yourself Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. That’s taken as well! By another UK band as it happens. Davey Roberts, Ross Maclean-Bryant and Tobias Faulkner infact own that one and today they release their ‘peachy’ new single…err, “Peaches”! Forget all the troubles of 2020 and take a slice of this sweet retro sounding pop-synth rock number and I promise you, you won’t know what you’ve missed!

“Peaches” is about the end of a relationship. Where both sides are ready to move on but you’re both temporarily happy in the rut. It’s a situation everyone’s been in at least once. The boys themselves tell us that “‘Peaches’ is a real improvement of our song writing abilities. It’s an upbeat song you can dance to and hopefully it’ll be uplifting to those who need during these strange times”. The song was recorded in their hometown of Wellington, Somerset at Tobias’ studio, Hollowhome Studios. All recordings, mixing and mastering were done there by him as well.

Since forming, the trio have only one other song to their name, “Apocalipstic”, but I am sure others will follow very soon. EKAAT add: “We try to have a lot of fun with the project. Not take it too seriously. We try to reflect that in our music and artwork. We started as a hobby but was so happy with the outcome decided we should give it a push. However, we do let the creativity flownaturally and not try to force it. And we also make sure its never a chor to do something we love”. And if all else fails…”The main issue we have is having a few beers whilst recording (after all, I did start as a hobby). So there’s always an eagerness to get your parts done first so you can relax with a beer!”. Cheers, guys!

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