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REVIEW: ‘Moments’ (EP) – Jude The Obscure

Jude The Obscure – “Moments” (EP)

“Moments” is the new EP from 24 year old Manchester singer and producer Jude The Obscure. Jazz infused, this is an accomplished piece of work both musically and vocally from this new boy on the scene. Jude combines his earlier releases this year with the showcase title track of the EP, perfect for a Sunday morning or just lazing about endlessly.

Jude himself tells us of the EP: “‘Moments’ is about hard work; about overcoming the hurdles that life throws at you; about coming out on top in light of the hardships we face in our day to day lives. It’s an anthem of resilience and perseverance – surviving your early twenties with ambition, aspiration and sanity intact is no easy feat. One way or another, we all find ways to cope with what’s going on around us, now more than ever”.

“Moments” kicks off in find style with that very song and as you would expect from every great jazz number a long instrumental to fade following Jude’s gorgeous voice layers every step of the way into his world. The class and level of excellence remains with “Strong Enough” as Jude raps through the verses against a backdrop of a distant trumpet and fast paced percussion as Jude urges you to “show ’em that you’re strong enough”, defeat lockdown and rise up taller than ever before. “Waiting” is just so gorgeous and ‘innocent’ you can actually feel every note Jude utters.

Jude wants real love and is…waiting…waiting for ‘you’. Jude asks “tell me how you started to fall?” Tell him… Big time jazz blues come with “Chapter 8” as Jude once again seals the fusion of jazz and rap and makes these two musical styles blend and bond as if they had always meant to. If you like Jamiroquai, this this is right up your street, only classier and one for a more distinguished connoisseur of musical genres. Jude is planning to take this EP on tour next year and I for one would be happy to sit at the bar with a brandy and while away the hours enveloped in every note Jude can give.

For more about Jude, check out his FACEBOOK page and follow him on TWITTER

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