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FRESH: ‘Black And White’ – The Wyze

The Wyze see everything “Black And White”

Toronto duo Chase Ellestad and Chris Cheong formed The Wyze back in 2017 and have already released a number of tracks. Their third and latest of this year, “Black And White”, is out now and it’s a spunky, funky affair! With repetitive lyrics about someone who “keeps me back and white”, this is an addictive addition to the boys collection as the follow up to “Passengers Side”.

Chase and Chris say of the song: “’Black and white’ is a feel-good song with funky melodic passages. It’s about a girl who keeps you on the edge. The girl who you know is dangerous, but you just can’t live without. The guitar struts through the verses and lifts the song up as the lounge-vibe-bass glues the track together”.

“Black And White” was recorded in Nick Henriques studio. He was the executive producer and engineer on the track, based in Los Angeles. Nick was co-producer on the global hit “Body” by Loud Luxury which went Diamond and hit No.1 in Canada and No.18 in the US. The song was written back in 2017 and took three years and numerous versions to get to this final version. The boys recognise that “Nick added the perfect touch on completing this record!”.

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