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FRESH: ‘Not Losing Sleep’ – Julia Faulks

Julia Faulks is “Not Losing Sleep”

One to look out for singer and songwriter Julia Faulks releasing her catchy new single, “Not Losing Sleep”, today. It represents Julia’s first solo release having guested on Max Romer’s 2020 album, “Drive Me Crazy”. Now Julia branches out alone with a gorgeously atmospheric song that sits well in both Summer time as well as those cosy nights indoors on a Winter evening. Julia’s vocals are like a spoon full of vanilla ice cream dropped in a glass of cream soda, this is one for addicts of chill pop!

“Not Losing Sleep” marks the end of a relationship which has run its course, it is actually only the beginning, as the focus falls on how you can be happy to be moving on and embarking on a journey to find “the one”. The song was written while Julia was sitting on a Devonshire beach earlier this summer as she quietly hummed into her phone to record her ideas (you can even hear the sea gulls in the recordings and the sound of children squealing in the background if you listen hard enough!).

Julia takes inspiration from a number of artists, including: Tori Kelly, Sinead Harnett, India Arie, and Morcheeba, to name a few. She tells us: “I have always loved music and even though my piano and guitar playing is pretty sub-standard, there are melodies in my head which can’t be contained. This was what always held me back (apart from the fact that I am 40 and a mum of two!) – worrying that I couldn’t do it without being a Grade 8 student or having a music degree (although this probably would have helped somewhat)”.

“Now I know that if you have the vision, a good set of pipes, and a very good producer, anything is possible. I found a music app which generated the chords I wanted for the melody and from there I sung it down the phone to Jem at Renshaw Productions, who came up with a basic guitar loop – before I knew it, the song started to take shape. I am really excited to have finally found my voice, and my vibe, and can’t wait to produce more of my own material in the coming months”, she adds. We wish you well Julia especially with such an outstanding first effort!

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