FRESH: ‘Scarlet Tears’ – Mivedrix

Mivedrix has “Scarlet Tears”

Parisian artist Mivedrix releases her second single to start 2021 with “Scarlet Tears”, a dark and sometimes haunting dark wave-synth number sung both in her native tongue as well as in English. The song follows on from her debut, “Alien Soul”, released last year and tells of the struggles of unrequited love as it twists and turns through different ‘rooms’, almost as if it were navigating a very defined path.

“Scarlet Tears” is presented in its three stages: infatuation, emotional conflict, and the decision to let go. An interesting choice of instruments highlights these themes. On the one hand, the synthesizers and the harp contribute to the song’s melancholic aspect, highlighting the theme of sadness caused by unrequited love. On the other hand, the cello’s pizzicato and the prominent vocal harmonies confer a degree of dynamism to the song, therefore emphasizing the impact of the experience of falling in love and the will to confront and escape it. The song was mainly inspired by classical music and composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven.

A singer, songwriter, lyricist and producer, Mivedrix, is an unconventional artist both through the decision to keep her identity secret and her musical approach.

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