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FRESH: ‘Castaway’ – DJ H Chimist feat. Hayes

DJ H Chimist meets “Castaway”, Hayes


French producer and…DJ H Chimist has teamed up with US singer Hayes for his latest release, “Castaway”, which closed 2020 and opens 2021 with stylish and laid back EDM sounds.

“Castaway” was the fifth release of 2020 for the young producer and, as it proves, a real fusion of forces with Chimist’s ‘sexy’ beats and Hayes’ ‘spunky’ vocals.

Chimist says of the pairing: “The connection was made naturally between the two countries (France/USA) and the work despite a difficult time socially and musically, could be done at a distance with a good exchange of ideas and personal musical atmospheres”. Chimist says the collaboration between the two artists has given a result above and beyond his own expectations. He adds: “A unique voice (Hayes), a relevant text and a catchy chorus on a high level production”.

The song really allows you to feel like a ‘castaway’, marooned on a desert island and away from all the global crisis’ and problems we currently face. Hayes is the latest in a long line of artists and singers, Chimist likes to work with on each of his tracks. His most recent being “Take Me Back” with singer Iva Rii and “Justified” with Nashville based singer, Jaclyn Bell.

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