FRESH: ‘I Can’t Lie’ – Rex

Rex says “I Can’t Lie”

Pop, Country-Pop

Young and promising UK singer/songwriter Rex has just released her first track of 2021 and her third overall, “I Can’t Lie”, following on from last year’s “Always You” and “Bad Influence”.

The track has a great vibe to it and elements of Country with its sing-along-ablity and guitar-based chorus, coupled with Rex’s gorgeous vocals, which echo Nashville’s finest.

“I Can’t Lie” is the first of many new songs that Rex is releasing in 2021. Still trying to find her path and prove what she has to offer in a genre that is heavily male dominated, she is starting to make steps to match her male counter parts. Working with no management and no label the gradual increase of fans and exposure is credit the relatable, catchy and different music that Rex continues to release.

Rex really showcases her lyrical and storytelling capabilities with “I Can’t Lie”, talking about the feeling of falling into the societal norms of a relationship, loosing yourself in the expected narrative. Wondering if it is just you that feels the need to escape the norm sometimes or do we all feel that way. Ask yourself and hear Rex’s side of things with this cracking tune that you will be playing alot this year!

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