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Lloren is “Heartsick”

Pop, EDM

THE superb Lloren enters 2021 with her new song, “Heartsick”, the follow up to “Home” and the epic “Medicine” as the latest track that will feature on her upcoming EP, “Lovesick”.

“Heartsick” begins as if it were a soulful ballad and builds, just like “Medicine”, into a wild and vibrant pop classic with soaring synths ans Lloren’s honest and strident vocals.

Medicine” was exactly what we needed in 2020 from Lloren and with the subsequent release of “Home”, the UK singer is ‘cooking’ up some really high quality tunes for the EP, which thoroughly deserves to be massive. The LGBTQ+ artist has allowed a more vulnerable side to be shown through her writing style and has created a more inclusive approach to the typical Love Song.

Written and co-produced by Lloren, “Heartsick” combines influences of her love of both pop and the cinematic. “Heartsick” explores the kind of delirious sickness, you only get within the first throws of infatuation, The crazy, follows you anywhere, shivers of love that leave you breathless and eurphoric all at once.

Lloren says of the experience: “So often love songs concentrate on heartbreak, it’s heightened,it’s easy to emote, but I wanted to explore a side of love and infatuation that can be so intense and beautiful and just as painful”.

“Lovesick” is due to land this Spring and with three awesome tracks on show already, what more has Lloren in store for us with this release? That, you will just have to wait for…!

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