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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Izabella Scorupco

Izabella Scorupco was, for a brief time, a pop star, before embarking on an acting career. So why?

Born in Bialystok, Poland in June 1970, Izabela Dorota Skorupko was born to a musical father. She became a model aged 17 and appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine in 1987. But, like her father, music was what she knew best and in 1990, she was signed by Virgin Records who wanted to develop her as a singer. She released her debut record, “Substitute”, a cover of a Righteous Brothers hit, in late 1990, which reached No.3 in Sweden.

Her follow up, “I Write You A Love Song”, joined “Substitute” with a top ten placing in Sweden and briefly on the german singles chart. Izabella released her debut album, “Iza”, in early 1991, which peaked at No.11 in Sweden and featured the single “Brando Moves” and her cover of Shirley & Company’s 1974 classic, “Shame, Shame, Shame”, which became her biggest hit of all, charting top ten in across most of mainland Europe. Despite its success, it would become Izabella’s last release as she abandoned music for other pastures.

Izabella had made her acting debut in 1991 in the film ‘Bert’ and later appeared in a number of Polish TV series in supporting roles. But in 1994 she hit the jackpot when she was cast as Natalya Simonova in the Bond film ‘GoldenEye’. It launched a continuing, if not intermittent, acting career that would see her reunite with ‘GoldeEye’s director Martin Campbell for the 2000 film, ‘Vertical Limit’.

In 2011, Izabella made a brief return to singing, duetting with Swedish singer Peter Jöbac on his single “Jag Har Dig Nu” as well as appearing in the music video. The following year, she hosted the TV series Sweden’s Next Top Model before reigniting her movie career in 2017 with ‘Sleepwalker’. Izabella seems to move in and out of different boxes as she pleases but in respect of her music career, well, one can only say it’s a shame. A shame, shame, shame!

Izabella Scorupco 2020

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