FRESH: ‘Enemy Mine’ – Roadkeeper

Roadkeeper have an “Enemy Mine”

Indie-Pop, Dream Pop

Texas, USA based band Roadkeeper keep the music coming in 2021 with their new single, “Enemy Mine”. The guitar based track is a heady mixture of rock-pop, indie-pop and everything else but the kitchen sink!

“Enemy Mine” would like to be Nirvana crossed with Smashing Pumpkins if it were not for the high, often distant vocals of lead singer John Hetherington above an opera of electric and rock guitar.

The lyrics to “Enemy Mine” were written about the far right radicalisation of vulnerable young people in the US by white nationalist professional pundits who are fed viewers and readers by algorithms on social media and YouTube. There is an organised effort to convert impressionable young people into radical white supremacists and encourage them to undertake radical action against marginalised people and progressive political movements. “Enemy Mine” is about the dissonance between the perceived realities of radical white supremacists and that of everyone else.

The Texas quartet formed in 2018 as an independent, self-produced project that combines a songwriter’s emphasis on lyricism with the soundscape and sense of space of shoegaze and psychedelia. The core band of producer John Hetherington (guitarist and vocals), Trevor Tull (bassist), Daniel Griffith and drummer Nicklaus Cogdill, is one colour on the canvas rather than the canvas itself.

The band has released a stream of singles since 2018, debuting with the cathartic and anthemic “The Creeps”, which deals with the dynamics of abuse and emotional manipulation. Following were the psychedelic post-punk “Gushers”, the pastoral “Old Man’s War”, the precision psych pop of “Narcissistic Peoples” and the droning psych jam “Sundowners”, all which tackled different facets of systemic violence such as police killings, climate change and the humanitarian issues at the US/Mexico border.

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