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FRESH: ‘Time Alone’ – Jethro Fox

Jethro Fox needs “Time Alone”

Alt-Pop, Indie-Pop

London based singer and songwriter Jethro Fox has just released his new single, “Time Alone”, eight years after his debut came, “Blinding Light”! “Time Alone” is a timescape, dreamy, atmospheric number that also has an early 90’s feel to it.

The song is definitely cinematic in scope and near-epic in production, you can be forgiven for thinking that you’ve heard in a car commercial already.

A former guitarist for Dan Croll and Elena Tonra, Jethro originates from Colchester. He is a LIPA graduate who has played his songs to Paul McCartney and spent one Summer recording guitars with Black Flag’s Bill Stevenson. Jethro went on to join Elena Tonra’s solo project, Ex:Re, in 2019 as live guitarist, reuniting him with former flatmate and drummer/producer Fabian Prynn. It proved to be a pivotal moment, as the two old friends produced “Time Alone” shortly after.

As Jethro explains: “The raw demo of ‘Time Alone’ had been kicking around for a while and I’d been chipping away at the arrangement in between touring. That’s where the lyrics came from – the strange isolation after a long time away and the feeling of disconnection. When Fabian picked up the demo and breathed new life into the song, it was pure catharsis – and the lyrics feel more relevant than ever”.

After taking an extended break from his own music and joining Dan Croll on tour across the USA as guitarist, Jethro went on to co-write “Must Be Leaving” on Dan’s debut album “Sweet Disarray” and collaborated with Dan on three songs from his follow up “Emerging Adulthood” (“One of Us”, “January” and “24”). This lead

Jethro adds: “I had so many wonderful experiences playing guitar with other bands, from performing on Jimmy Kimmel with Dan Croll to sharing a stage with Deerhunter in Tokyo. I’d always wanted to try my hand at my own stuff but I felt like I didn’t have an opportunity until now. ‘Time Alone’ is the first crack at that – hopefully it gives a taste of the other material to come”.

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