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FRESH: ‘What If I’ – Luke Potter

Luke Potter, asks “What If I”…?

Acoustic Pop, Ballad

British singer/songwriter Luke Potter enters 2021 in heartfelt, sombre mode with his gorgeous new single, “What If I”. The song follows on from last year’s “Dance With The Devil” and “In Another Life” and sees Luke graple and deal with an intimate situation.

“What If I” centres around being a piano ballad and gains energy in the middle-eight as Luke faces up to reality and acknowledges what he has to do.

This is another accomplished recording from the young Bristol based musician who has been recording since 2015 and exist primarily for Luke himself to action and record. “The songs I write are like letters to myself” is how Luke Potter describes his approach to music. “Sometimes I’ve just needed to tell myself that things will be alright, if I just let them be”.

“What If I” was written and recorded in his own studio, The Sweet Factory, 3-4 years ago with his friends Marcus Lindberg and Hjalmar Wilen (from Stockholm). Recently Claes Funke (LMG), another Swedish friend of Luke’s in Gothenburg, provided a sympathetic new production that heightens the emotions of what it sounds like when you break someone’s heart.

Luke adds: “It may be uncomfortable to put out a song that shows raw emotion that you felt a few years ago, especially when you’ve moved on. But everyone is in a different place in their lives and this song couldn’t have beenmore real. The vocal was recorded moments after finishing a relationship that was supposed to have had a ‘happy ever after’ ending. All the feelings were true”.

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