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FRESH: ‘Hollywood’ – Karianne Jean

Karianne Jean loves “Hollywood”


Other artists may of written and recorded songs called “Hollywood”, but Karianne Jean’s is the latest and most sun-drenched. “Hollywood” is Karianne’s first release of 2021 and follows on from last year’s similarly appropriate “Marilyn Monroe”.

“Hollywood” is co-written by Karianne and Greg Archill, who also produces the uplifting dance-pop number which focuses on the electric pull and addiction that Hollywood offers and also it’s darker side.

Being born and raised in SoCal and having lived in Hollywood, Karianne Jean is pulling back the curtain to reveal it is not all that it seems. “Hollywood” examines the stark irony of the land of dreams and brings the dark side into the light. The honest lyrics are set to an equally as ironic up-tempo backdrop to bring the message full circle.

Karianne released her first single, “Cactus”, in 2015 and followed this with the EP, “Don’t Miss”. With two solid ‘showbiz’ themed songs to her name now, Karianne is on the cusp of releasing her debut album later this year that will certainly deserve a look in.

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