FRESH: ‘The Routine’ – Drive

Drive go through “The Routine”


Newcastle Upon Tyne duo Drive turned up last year with their debut, “Old Cassette Tape” (which didn’t go un-noticed by us!). Their new single, “The Routine”, is out today.

Jake Fletcher and Andy Bell (what a name!) are too young to know of the 80’s, but that’s where their love of everything music, film and technology lies.

“The Routine” has a definite retro feel to it coupled with an early 90’s indie sound with a lo-fi synth/guitar based backing track as singer Jake deals with the thorny subject of the rituals you go through and the process of self-discovery after a break-up. A relationship? A friendship? See if you can work it out… There’s a sublime aura to the second half of the song as the song takes off fully only to end all too soon. Genius.

“The Routine” is coupled with a second new track from the boys, “Vertigo”, which is more of a down-tempo pop anthem with a deeper retro-synthwave sound that acts as a perfect accompaniment to each other and allows the listener further into the creative minds of two very promising and upcoming artists who deserve a wider appreciation.

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