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FRESH: ‘Gonna Be Alright’ – Hawke The Band

Hawke The Band say it’s “Gonna Be Alright”

Indie-Pop, Dream-Pop

Irish duo Hawke The Band have released their positive new tune, “Gonna Be Alright”, their first release of 2021. The song is filled with hope and looks to a brighter future for us all.

The track is a gorgeous indie-filled pop anthem that liberally takes moments of 80’s dream pop, 90’s indie band riffs but with a 2021 Hawke The Band individuality about it.

Richie Power (vocals/keyboards) and Eoghan MacMahon (vocals/guitar) formed in 2019 and released their debut single, “What About Love?” soon after. Last year saw them release the EP, “The Covid Diary”, and the two boys build on that with this new call to arms as we conquer the global pandemic.

“Gonna Be Alright” draws on Richie and Eoghan’s fondness for rousing 90s indie-rock, particularly their love of The Verve and Oasis. The song is produced by Marco Rinaldi and Antonio Esposito (and mastered by Carlos Bricio) and was recorded at London’s prestigious Abbey Road and Metropolis Studios.

Richie says of the track, “We went for an uplifting melancholic anthem with this one. I don’t think lyrically it’s been any more relevant than what it is now during this pandemic – and, with another lockdown being announced, we figured it made sense for us to release it now”.

Bandmate Eoghan continues, “We wrote this song on a warm June afternoon, but at a time when personally I was feeling quite dejected and not in the finest of moods. The last thing I wanted to do was write songs, but we pushed ahead. About an hour later this little baby was written. I think that’s as good an epitome of life as you’ll get. Sometimes you just have to plough forwards, even if life is kicking you in the balls, Eventually it pays off”.

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