Kim Logan

REVIEW: ‘Shadow Work’ – Kim Logan and The Silhouettes

Kim Logan and The Silhouettes – “Shadow Work”

American born, now Scottish/Paris based artist Kim Logan returns with her second studio album, “Shadow Work”, seven years after her debut. The album was recorded across two countries but mixed and mastered in Nashville with the same team behind Jack White, and it shows with the quality of each song! The album gets off to a solid start with “Hitch Your Wagon”, something of a Transvision Vamp meets The Go Go’s with an infectious hook and enough rock/electric guitar to blast its way from the 1987 to 2020. Kim’s vocal is immediately centre stage and establishes her lead for the rest of the album.

The slinky, sexy, “Dirty Business” smoulders into focus next with yet more guitar and passionate vocals to push back that smoky, crowd-filled room of imagination where this superb song recalls happier times. Kim and the Parisian based Sillhouettes take things down for the atmospheric “Ghost”, almost an acoustic number were it not for the errie tambourine breezing into ear sight from time to time. Kim’s vocals demonstrate here her ability to reach those high notes as well a very deep and dark depths needed for this number. There’s something very psycadelic about “Better Way”, which has elements of Hendrix and recalls memories of Woodstock with his endless length allowing the guitars and that hook of “with my better way” to languish for just the right amount of time.

The tone picks up now with “Ladyboy”, much faster paced and in-your-face and with a sense of wryness about it – “come out and play, ladyboy” rings the chorus line. This is also has a great Country-Rock anthemic quality about it that would and should play well at festivals. Almost as fast as that pick-me-up, Kim and the band take the tone back down with “Oedipus Wrecks”, perhaps in the aftermath of night, this is a crash and burn track for those late mornings and early afternoons with nothing much else doing.

“Western Medication” follows that with even more relaxed, chilled vibes for those just capable of staying awake but still shaking to the bass and treble of earlier tracks. Sublime. There’s a short ‘interlude’ of just over a minute with “Bad Balances”, which sees Kim and a guitar strumming almost backstage before the event itself and sounding like they’ve almost been ‘caught in the act’.

“Shadow Work” closes with another cool, down-tempo track, “Death Dream”, although a crescendo of electric and bass guitar ensure you won’t be drifting off just yet! Kim finishes the album as she started with confident voice and a leaning, swaying presence just to let you know that’s she’s still going and has no plans to stop just yet. This is a fine collection of rock anthems and epic, mysterious set pieces that are just at home in a small, intimate room or outdoors playing to the masses. Kim and The Sillhouettes have been active in the seven years since her self-titled debut, but this retro sounding new offering, which will appeal to anyone with an ear for the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s, will identify with and find at least one song that recalls that moment in their life when… Rock on, Kim!

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