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FRESH: ‘Changes’ – Caroline Gustavsson

Caroline Gustavsson seeks “Changes”


Swedish singer/songwriter Caroline Gustavsson has just released her brand new single “Changes”, her first of 2021, that tells a tale getting through tought times and coming out the other side.

The song has a positive message delivered with a mid-tempo, soft-rock/pop backing track, reminiscent of Celine Dion’s finest from her “One Heart” album.

Caroline made her debut in 2018 with “Breaking Down My Walls” and had built an impressive colelction of songs ever since to her most recent released, the guitar acoustic ballad “In Your Hands”, last year. “Changes” is a more vibrant tune that outlines the facing challenges in life and keeping on believing you’ll get through these hard times, even though it might feel difficult and perhaps even impossible at the time, with a little bit of a Country twang for added pleasure!

Caroline says of the song: ”When I wrote this song it was like having a heart to heart conversation with a close friend, trying to cheer him or her up, though instead it was a conversation with myself. Life felt very challenging at the time and I couldn’t really see how or when things were going to get better. I didn’t even have the intention of writing a regular song when I sat down with my guitar, I just needed to get my feelings out. Suddenly I felt so much lighter, since I managed to reassure myself I was going to get through this in some way”.

Keep believing, there is a light coming towards us all very soon and listening to Caroline’s “Changes” will offer some escape as well as hope for a brighter future.

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