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FRESH: ‘Rage’ – Benjamin Digby

Benjamin Digby feels “Rage”


UK artist Benjamin Digby rolls into 2021 with his superb new tune, “Rage”, that mixes rap and vocals against a wicked synth-driven soundtrack that will inject something into us all.

Benjamin worked with Italian electro artist Adam Wave for the track, collaborating via social media and remotely to deliver a speedy, hard hitting rollercoaster overture.

With “Rage”, Benjamin hopes to ‘inject’ some positivity into us all, consider others, not just yourself and also the inner ‘rage’ felt by us all under execptional conditions we have all had to live with in the past twelve months.

Benjamin states his productions “bring together the thematic sounds of classical composers, and atmospheric techno” with his “dreamy sonic projections that tend to divulge into ambient, straight-beat, surges and swells”. His music’s motivating spirit is self-evident through inspiration he has listed like John Murphy, Bear McCreary, and John Carpenter. And Benjamin is also exceptionally mesmeric, bringing some of his pristinely texturised compositions to the electronic music scene. It’s naturally pure.

Benjamin made his debut in 2019 with the track “Discovery” and released his debut EP, “Dark Adaption”, last year, along with the singles, “The End” and “Goodbye”. Now filled with “Rage” for 2021, Benjamin is ready to rock and blast his way through the darkness and into the light that shines up ahead. Boom!

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