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FRESH: ‘Too Late’ – Robert O’Connor

Robert O’Connor returns with “Too Late”


Electro pop artist Robert O’Connor, who we met last year when he released his single, “Over (Before It’s Begun)“, releases his brand new track, “Too Late”, today!

The song sees Robert in sombre mood with plenty of electro waves and a 90’s dance feel to it, which was produced together with frequent collaborator Skynem G.

Robert has been busy since we last caught up with him releasing his debut EP, “Transcendence”, from which “Over” features as well as the single “Destination Anywhere”. An expanded 9 track edition of the EP is released on March 5th, from which “Too Late” will be included, together with another brand new track.

Robert tells us: “’Too Late’ is a sad-banger with a melody that quickly takes up rent-free residence in your brain. On first listen, it’s a song about unfinished business in a romantic relationship. The inspiration behind the lyrics is something more sinister. A few years ago, a society journalist from a certain newspaper started to write about me and my music, and suddenly I was seeing him everywhere I went – he thought that he could buy access to me by giving me positive press, and when it didn’t work out, it turned sour, fast! The lyrics are written from the pursuer’s point of view, saying ‘this is not the end’, so it’s pretty creepy – but like all songs it’ll take on a different meaning for every listener”. Oh err!

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