FRESH: ‘Big Bad Wolf’ – LE!GHTON

LE!GHTON is not scared of the “Big Bad Wolf”!


(Beth Leighton) as LE!GHTON, has just released her second ever single, “Big Bad Wolf”, the follow up to her debut last year, “Ocean Blue”.

The slow, heavy synth track focuses on her own mental health issues and explores naivety and conflict in relationships through the setting of the classic fairy tale using the big bad wolf to good effect.

The young singer and songwriter crafts an anything but gentle ‘fairy story’ with her dark and personal lyrics that reveal her innermost throughts and feelings. As the singer says: “Music for me is a cathartic experience , so when I write a song I don’t want to tell the listener how to feel, I want the listener to be able to interpret their own meaning and find something they can relate to within the lyrics. I hope that ‘Big Bad Wolf’ can help at least one person as much as it helped me to write it”.

“Big Bad Wolf” is in many ways the sequel to “Ocean Blue”, and cleverly interweaves quotes from the tale to create a modern cautionary tale about control using intimidation and manipulation. While it begins inself-doubt and uncertainty the song becomes a voyage of discovery and finding the courage to face your antagonists, whoever or whatever they may be…

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