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CHARTS: UK Top 40 Singles Chart 10th March 1991

Thirty years ago: UK Top 40 Singles Chart for Sunday 10th March 1991

So this was the chart that Radio 1 DJ Mark Goodier broadcast from 4:30-7pm with data from the GALLUP computer based on record sales from Monday 4th to Saturday 9th March 1991.

This is how the charts USED to look with new entries, climbers and non-movers, all based solely on record purchases.
This week, thirty years ago, there were nine new entrys, thirteen climbers and five non-movers! And it was announced like this…

40. Definition Of Sound – “Wear Your Love Like Heaven”
Kevin Clark and Don Weekes have been working together as Definition Of Sound since 1988 but only released their debut single, “Now Is Tomorrow”, last year. Their follow up becomes their very first top 40 hit with this new entry.

39. Warrant – “Cherry Pie”
Making their first appearance on the UK top 40 this week are US band Warrant, who also formed three years ago and with the lead single from their second album, get a new entry here.

38. Feargal Sharkey – “I’ve Got News For You”
It’s been six years since Feargal Sharkey last graced the top 40 back in 1985 with “You Little Thief” but he’s back this week with a new song that will feature on his forthcoming third studio album.

37. Vixen – “Not A Minute Too Soon”
US all girl rock band Vixen charted three times back in 1989 and they make a return, also with a brand new tune from their next album, which is a new entry today.

36. LL Cool J – “Around The Way Girl”
LL Cool J made his chart comeback last week after three years away and he’s up four places this week.

35. MC Hammer – “Here Comes The Hammer”
Hammer time has last just four weeks this time as MC’s latest single is down sixteen places this week.

34. Echo and The Bunnymen – “People Are Strange”
Echo and The Bunnymen’s reissue single from 1987 came back to the chart last week and is up two places, now five short of where this song peaked four years ago.

33. 808 State – “In Yer Face”
808 State drop twenty one this week with their latest song, five weeks on and they are tight out of the top twenty.

32. Jesus Loves You – “Bow Down Mister”
Boy George‘s latest incarnation saw him make a chart return last week and he’s up five places, seven days later.

31. Kenny Thomas – “Outstanding”
Kenny Thomas has been around for nine weeks now with this reissued song from last year which finally made the top 40 and has done rather well. He’s down eighteen places this week, however.

30. Megadeth – “Hanger 18”
Megadeth get a new entry this week with the follow up to “Holy Wars”, which gives them two UK chart hits from the album, “Rust In Peace”.

29. N-Joi – “Adrenalin”
Time is up for N-Joi’s ‘adrenalin’, which is down six places, after just one week’s progress.

28. Mantronix – “Don Go Messin’ With My Heart”
And that goes for Mantronix’s latest as well, with the same amount of time on the top 40, they also drop six places.

27. The KLF – “3am Eternal”
The KLF‘s former number one is down sixteen places and out of the top twenty this week.

26. Banderas – “This Is Your Life”
Just as chart newcomers the Banderas climb seven with their debut single, which uses samples from Grace Jones’ 1989 song, “Crack Attack”.

25. Happy Mondays – “Loose Fit”
The Happy Mondays come back to the chart for the first time this year after a highly successful 1990 with this new song, which is their fourth top 40 entry.

24. Queen – “I’m Going Slightly Mad”
Also back are Queen, more recently though and already with one of this year’s number ones to their name. This is the second single from their current album, “Innuendo”.

23. Jesus Jones – “Who? Where? Why?”
Going up one place this week are Jesus Jones, also with their second single of this year and the second track from their current album, “Doubt”.

22. The Bee Gees – “Secret Love”
The brothers Gibb returned to the chart for the first time in three years last week with this new song and with a jump of sixteen places, they become this week’s highest climber!

21. Joey B Ellis and Tynetta Hare – “Go For It”
US singers Joey B Ellis and Tynetta Hare made took their joint UK chart debut into the top twenty last week, but leave after just seven days, dropping back one place.

20. Rod Stewart – “Rhythm Of My Heart”
Rod Stewart gets a big new entry this week, after two top ten hits last year. This is a new track that will preceed his new album, “Vagabond Heart”, coming out at the end of this month.

19. REM – “Losing My Religion”
US band REM have a good week as they go up seven places and into the UK top twenty for the very first time.

18. Chesney Hawkes – “The One And Only”
As does chart newcomer Chesney Hawkes with his debut single from a new film coming out, ‘Buddy’s Song’. He’s up fourteen places.

17. Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – “Happy”
Last week, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, were ‘happy’ with their UK chart debut going straight into the top twenty but seven days later, they go down one place.

16. Oleta Adams – “Get Here”
Down seven places, seven days later is Oleta Adams with her biggest single yet from her recent chart topping album, “Circle Of One”.

15. The Charlatans – “Over Rising”
Also new on last week were The Charlatans, but unlike Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, they freeze and stay in the same place as they came in.

14. Ride – “Today Forever” EP
UK band Ride have been releasing EP’s for two years now and got their first one into the top 40 last year. This follow up to “Fall”, becomes their biggest to date and it’s also this weeks highest new entry!

13. Massive Attack – “Unfinished Sympathy”
Massive Attack and singer Shara Nelson are up four places this week with their joint first top 40 success, which is also now top five on the dance chart.

12. Living Colour – “Love Rears Its Ugly Head”
And continuing to climb upwards are Living Colour, who are two places better off than they were last week.

11. Free – “All Right Now”
It doesn’t look like Free will match the original chart high of this 1977 track as they drop out of the top ten this week, down three places.

10. Nomad featuring Mikee Freedom – “Devotion”
Nomad’s eventual chart hit with this re-release from last year pushed them to second place recently but they’ve dropped down in the past three weeks. They stay top ten but five places lower than last.

9. Quartz introducing Dina Carroll – “It’s Too Late”
UK duo Quartz and their ‘guest’ singer Dina Carroll continue to earn big success. last week’s highest climber is up twelve more places to take Carole King’s twenty year old song into the UK top ten.

8. Roxette – “Joyride”
Roxette are back in the top ten for the first time since “Listen To Your Heart” last year. Their new new entry from last week is up ten places.

7. Xpansions – “Move Your Body”
Xpansions finally made it to the top ten last week with this song, which is a non-mover on this weeks chart, but climbs to No.3 on the Dance chart.

6. Stevie B – “Because I Love You”
US singer Stevie B’s first UK top 40 single is also going nowhere as he fails to go into the top five this week.

5. The Source featuring Candi Staton – “You Got The Love”
Remaining top five but going down one place after two weeks as a non-mover are The Source along with US singer Candi Staton.

4. Madonna – “Crazy For You”
And dropping two places having been a non-mover for two weeks is Madonna with her re-released 1985 smash, which has now peaked in the same position both times here!

3. The Simpsons – “Do The Bartman”
Bart and his family fell off the top last week with their musical debut but remain strong performers as they manage not to fall any further, getting a second week in third place.

2. Hale and Pace – “The Stonk”
This year’s Comic Relief song comes from comedians Hale and Pace with a little help from Queen’s Brian May. They were last week’s highest new entry and ‘stonk’ up nine places this week, hoping to take this all the way in seven days time…

1. The Clash – “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?”
Which means for a second week, The Clash stay on top of them all with their re-released 1982 single. But can they make it three in a row, or will Hale and Pace stonk “The Stonk” to the top spot and claim only the second Comic Relief chart topper? There’s only one way to find out…

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