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FRESH: ‘Cage’ – Peppermint Lips

Peppermint Lips debut with “Cage”


Peppermint Lips has released his debut single, “Cage”. But there’s something familiar about the face behind this new project…!

Peppermint Lips is a Brighton based Indie Pop music maker whose vibrant energy and personality is brought to life through the music he makes.

“Cage” has an electro sound and is very psychedelic in places, hypnotic and transient this tune lures you in quite unsuspectingly for its short length. We talked to ‘Peppermint Lips’ recently about the song and how this new project came to be:

“‘Cage’ was an amalgamation of all the pent-up frustration I have felt over the last year in lockdown. I channelled all my energy into making a song that was powerful and in your face so that it conveys the sentiment behind the song. I wrote and recorded the song myself at home and worked remotely with Ale Lisi in Italy who produced the track. I love how it feels euphoric and anthemic to listen to and I can’t wait to have people singing along to it when I am able to perform it live”.

“The reaction to the song has been fantastic and I’ve been overjoyed seeing people tagging me in their photos and videos as they’ve been listening to the song. There’s a lot of love out there for this and it feels great to have that support. Right now I’m soaking up the love for this song and video and really pleased with how it’s going. I have some Q&As lined up which I’ll be announcing on my socials soon and I’m also super excited to be working on my follow up song which has an easy breezy summer 90s vibe to it which I’m excited for people to hear”.

And we can’t wait to hear more from this intriguing individual who may not be the ‘stranger’ he appears(!)

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