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FRESH: ‘Free Falling’ – Lily Ison

Lily Ison debuts with “Free Falling”


Cambridge based singer Lily Ison has just released her debut single, “Free Falling”, an irrefutablely addictive and catchy number which features her brother Josh on saxophone.

“Free Falling” is a slow-paced pop number in which Lily turns her life around and takes a brave new direction, one of music and all the highs and lows of launching her sound to the world.

Lily come to music with some qualification, having studied music composition and production at Leeds College of music. She cites her influences as Jessie Ware, Amber Mark and Ariana Grande and judging from the photo sessions she’s already made available on social media, Lily is clearly enjoying every moment of this new found happiness already!

Lily tells us: “I wrote ‘Free Falling’ during the first lockdown, when things began to feel very unpredictable. The song describes my feelings about how we went from the usual everyday life, to everything completely changing in a very short space of time. Like many others, my life plans had suddenly changed and I was living with an uncertain future. Despite the fears and worries described in my lyrics, I also wanted the instrumentation and production to create a feeling of excitement for new possibilities”.

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