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FRESH: ‘Don’t You Go’ – Gabriel Richards

Gabriel Richards debuts with “Don’t You Go”

Folk Pop

UK singer and songwriter has made a bold debut in to the music industry with his haunting, atmospheric first offering, “Don’t You Go”, a soft rock, electro pop number.

Gabriel is himself a multi-instrumentalist, so lends his talents to this beautiful number, together with his sensual vocal that offers hope and resilience to us all.

Stoke On Trent based Gabriel vividly demonstrates his musical sensibility and invokes beauty from the darkest of themes. He welcomes you into a world of ethereal vocals and dreamscape imagery as the song fades and returns again and again, sometimes with the thump of a drum as it builds to a crescendo of sound and vision in your mind and your ear.

Gabriel tells us of the “Don’t You Go”: “The song tells the story of a journey through unattainable love. Chances that haven’t been taken and loves that have been lost. Empty hotel rooms set the scene. It’s not necessarily about me or anyone I know it’s more about the journey of loss”.

Gabriel performed in his first band at the age of 11. After playing drums in a major label signed act in 2017 he began working on his solo career in 2019 and his debut album is due for release in early 2022. Gabriel has plans to release two EP’s, a string of singles and a debut album by early 2022 and with deal interest already in discussion, it’s promising to be an exciting start!

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