Shaun Riley

FRESH: ‘Secret’ – Shaun Riley

Shaun Riley has a “Secret”!

Electro Pop

Minneapolis pop singer Shaun Riley has released his second single, “Secret”, in glorious electro pop form with gorgeous, candyfloss vocals and a pop-y, plinky soundtrack to it.

Shaun wrote, recorded and mixed the track at home while Alex Emrich did the final production as Shaun branches away from his festive debut, “White Christmas”, last year.

Shaun tells us that: “‘Secret’ is a flirty pop song about the beginning of a new relationship and the feeling of infatuation that comes with it”. Simple yet effective. Shaun is currently putting together his first album, to be called “Drive”, which will be out later this year and had already collected quite a following on YouTube for his cover songs going back nearly ten years from when Shaun was only a teen.

Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish appear to be his most favoured so that may give you a clue as to how his album will sound! “Secret” is an inoffensive bop that will wriggle and squirm up your ear and quite possibly stay there for some time. Just as Shaun wants it to be!

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